Serenity Lodge operates its program based on the Therapeutic Community (T/C) model. This is a treatment facility in which the community itself, through self-help and mutual support, is the principal means for promoting personal change.

In a therapeutic community there is a focus on social, psychological and behavioural dimensions of substance use, with the use of the community to heal individuals emotionally and support the development of behaviours, attitudes and values of healthy living.
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Serenity Lodge is a standalone non-government registered charitable organisation established to provide assistance in addressing one of Australia's most pressing health and social problems, the misuse of drugs and alcohol in the community and workplace.

Founded in 1977 by Mr. Ken Ashton at premises in Parkin Street Rockingham WA. Serenity Lodge was incorporated on 21st November 1978. Over three decades the Lodge has assisted a wide cross section of the community (more than 3000 since 1990) with regard to their dependency related problems, and also in the maintenance of their ongoing well-being.
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